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When To Replace Locks

When it comes to lock replacement, there are often more questions than answers. Here at 24/7 Castle Rock Locksmith we often hear inquiries like “Should I replace my locks or rekey them?” or “I want my locks changed, but I don’t know what that entails.” Often, people are confused about price, key distribution, warranties and even legal issues involving landlords, tenants, property management and community associations. It can all be a confusing mess, but it doesn’t have to be! Read this post and by the time you are finished, you’ll know exactly what route you should take when replacing your Castle Rock, CO locks!

The basics; what is a lock replacement?

Lock replacement is just what it sounds like; you replace your lock – completely. The entire lock is removed and replaced with a different one. This is different than a rekey where you keep the lock in place and the locksmith performing the service only changes the interior pins and springs. In both cases, new keys are needed as the old ones will no longer work. Generally, rekey work is less expensive than full lock replacement and in many cases, it will be just as effective. There is no hard and fast rule when it comes to lock changes, rekeys and lock replacement. It is entirely up to you; the customer to decide which service is best for your particular needs.

Most full service Castle Rock, CO locksmith shops will offer both services. They will also offer help if you have trouble deciding which assistance you need. Lock replacement can be done at your home, with your car or at your business and it can be both routine and done as an emergency service.

Lock replacement at home

If you simply need better control over your key distribution, have your locks rekeyed. Maybe you lost one of yours and have been wondering what would happen if the wrong person found it or copied it. On the other hand, you might want better locks for your home and rekeying would NOT help in this case! With residential lock replacement you could upgrade your home locks to higher quality ones that are harder to pick, smash, pry or bump open. There are dozens of high quality residential locks and hardware options that are available to you. When you replace your home locks with better ones, your options are practically endless and this almost always justifies the slight price increase over rekeying.

Another great reason to replace your home locks is because the older ones were aged, worn or damaged. What good are new keys (from a rekey) when the lock is in poor quality? If someone tried to break into your home and damaged your locks in the process, you would want and need them replaced with equal quality or better ones. Most local lock and key shops offer round the clock emergency service just in case you need lock replacement after-hours or on a holiday.

Lock replacement for your auto

Many times locks need to be replaced on a car, truck or SUV. This is usually due to break-in damage inflicted on the old locks. Much like the home locks, a rekey would be ineffective and brand new locks would be required. Some cars are sold at auction or as part of estate sales or probate deals. Often, the keys have become lost or damaged and new locks are needed to replace the older, original ones. Car locks that can be replaced include door and trunk locks, as well as ignition cylinder, glove compartment and console locks.

Just like home locks in our paragraph above, auto locks are often replaced because of upgrade services. An example would be replacing a traditional door lock with keyless entry and keyless remote systems. Some keyless entry hardware can even be programmed to call police if too many wrong attempts at number code entry are done!

Commercial lock replacement

Every local business uses locks and keys. From funeral homes to book stores, all commercial enterprise should be secured by the best lock hardware that can be afforded. This is for the same reasons that we have locks on our cars and homes; better protection for the items that are important to us. Business locks can be found on doors, file cabinets, desks, mailboxes, lock boxes, windows, safes, lockers, vaults and even fleet cars. They will all wear out, age or become damaged at some point. While rekeys play an important role in local Castle Rock, CO commercial security, the time will come when your company will need to fully replace some or all of its locks.

There are dozens of types of commercial locks and thousands of different local businesses. Each firm and their lock security needs is unique and requires individualized attention so that the maximum level of business protection is produced by the right combination of locks, hardware and keys. Some examples of these businesses include cafes, shoe stores, laundromats, fine dining, car washes, home improvement, dry cleaners, fast food outlets, apartment rentals, dentists, roofers, plumbers, contractors, clinics, private schools, mechanics, travel agents, property management and so many more.

Another factor in commercial lock replacement is the fact that so many firms change owners and managers when the business is sold. Sometimes rekey work is enough to cover this change of ownership but often this is when lock upgrades and better security hardware is added.

Is lock replacement for you?

Only you can decide that. We invite you to call 24/7 Castle Rock Locksmith or your own favorite local lock shop and discuss your security needs with a professional that can help you make an informed and realistic decision. Remember, locks don’t last forever; even with proper care and maintenance, and lock replacement gives you the opportunity to start fresh with new hardware, new keys and increased peace of mind! Check with your insurance agent and tax professional, too. In many cases, lock replacement and similar upgrades can result in lower insurance premiums and even a tax write-off for making a building improvement!