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Everything You Wanted To Know About Locksmiths

And Don't Be Afraid To Ask Questions!

It’s unfortunate, but commonly we only think of calling a locksmith when we have suddenly discovered we’re locked out. Actually, a locksmith is so much more than just an individual who can get you back inside your place when you’re stranded. A good locksmith is a reliable expert, who works not only with keys and locks, but also with safes, security systems, and just about anything else you can conceive of regarding your property’s security. Locksmiths repair, install, and adjust, locks and keys for automobiles, homes, and commercial buildings. Let’s take a look at the diverse services a locksmith provides.

Automotive locksmiths are skilled automotive specialists who are able to get you right back into your vehicle if you’re stranded without your car keys. They can also replace your ignition cylinder, replace and program your transponder key, and so forth.

Commercial locksmiths do lock and key work for business properties. Anytime security issues may come up, you’ll want to hire a trusty accomplished professional commercial specialist, who will be familiar with the building's ins and outs ~ not just the locks, but also the high-security areas, the emergency exits, and so on. You’ll want to know you can always rely on your chosen locksmith to end any troubles that may arise at your facility. Some commercial locksmiths might even keep extra master key sets for you as backups, if you request that they do so. They can also keep comprehensive records of every kind of lock you have in place, and assist you with all your building’s security measures, such as ID passcodes, panic/fire devices, video surveillance systems, and more.

Residential locksmiths advise you on security issues you may not have thought of before, offering specialized services to enhance the security at your place of residence. They can evaluate the quality level of your doors and locks, the safety of all your entryways, your garage, your windows, and your perimeter. A dependable professional will advise you on how best to store your jewelry, other valuables, crucial documents, guns, emergency cash, and anything else you want safeguarded. Experienced and skillful residential locksmiths are well-versed on burglars’ typical strategies for gaining access and avoiding detection, so they’re able to help you do as much as possible to prevent break-ins, theft, or vandalism. If you’re going to be gone for an extended period, they can advise you on timers, lighting, and even security systems with smart-phone monitoring.

Security and access control: Indeed, an exceptional locksmith can advise you on many different ways to control access to your home or business ~ such as keypads, intercom systems, magnetic locks, gate entry, remote locks, and key cards. Nowadays, even biometric locks are available (that is, high-security locks, which can only be opened with a fingerprint or hand print; cutting-edge technology includes voice recognition, facial recognition, or even retina scan).

When it comes to the security and safety of your property and possessions, there are nearly countless services a locksmith can provide:

  • smart keys
  • garage, pool, & fence locks
  • keyless entry
  • opening frozen car locks in inclement weather
  • deadbolts for doors & windows
  • peepholes
  • broken & stuck key removal
  • repair or replace damaged door & window locks, hinges, & electric-locking release mechanisms
  • smart-phone controlled surveillance systems
  • security systems
  • install and repair electronic security hardware
  • intercom systems
  • programming transponder “chip” keys
  • video surveillance systems
  • master key sets for large business facilities & apartments
  • window bars
  • change combination locks on all types of safes & vault doors

An excellent locksmith is a consummate professional who works with a high level of skill, finesse, and discretion in any situation or location, and, ideally, at any time of the day or night.

Key duplication and key making: A locksmith will cut keys for literally any kind of lock ~ keys for home, automobile, and business ~ such as bump-proof locks, deadbolts, padlocks, safes, lockers, desk locks, filing cabinet locks, transponder keys, dropboxes, mailboxes, and anything else you can imagine.

Window and sliding-glass doors require locks, too. A locksmith will help you find what’s right for your property.

24-hour lockout service: Some locksmith companies work around the clock, so as to be available to you anytime you need assistance. If you’re stranded anywhere in Castle Rock, Colorado, 24/7 Castle Rock Locksmith is open 24 hours, and staffed with mobile experts perpetually prepared to bring the help you need.

Rekeying and lock changes: When you move into a new home, obviously you must change the locks as soon as possible. There are also other reasons you might want to change your locks, such as keeping out your ex-spouse, your ex-roommate, or (if you have a business), a former employee. If you’ve been unlucky enough to have experienced a robbery, or even an attempted break-in, it’s wise to change your locks ~ whether conventional (new keys and locks) or electronic (new passcodes). You never know if any of your building’s former residents may still possess one of their old keys, or still remember a previous password. Don’t take any chances!

Safes: If you’ve misplaced the combination to your safe, a genuine professional will be suitably skilled and equipped to open it without doing any damage. A premium professional locksmith will install or repair any safe ~ for your business or your home ~ including specialized safes such as fireproof and waterproof safes, hidden safes (concealed in the wall or in the floor), gun safes, and anchored safes.

Would you like to be a locksmith? Then you’ll first need to be an apprentice. You’ll have an advantage over other locksmiths if you happen to possess any electronics, construction, or metal fabricating skills. You must be of the utmost integrity, always conduct yourself professionally, and be discreet, since you’ll often be exposed to confidential information. Being a locksmith requires extensive training and a license, and requires steadiness and patience. If you’re talented at problem-solving, and like to work unusual hours, you are probably well-suited to be a locksmith.