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The Importance of Panic Bars for a Commercial Property

If you own a business in Castle Rock, CO, then you must be concerned about getting the best possible protection for your commercial property. When it comes to business security, panic bars are an excellent choice to consider. These affordably priced components perfectly combine effective protection with efficiency, making emergency situations much easier to manage.

Here, you will discover everything you need to know about panic bars. Business owners need to know what they are getting, and how to go about getting these installed – and that is precisely what we are hoping to cover today. Learn about the great benefits that come from installing panic bars in your commercial property, along with the reasons why Castle Rock, CO, locksmiths will make the installation of these essential components effortless.

As you will realize, panic bars offer more than protection – they are an asset during emergency situations too. But they need to be installed properly in order to do their job. A good commercial locksmith service provider will be able to help you select the most adequate protection solutions for the property you are trying to safeguard. When it comes to panic bars, they are able to install these for you correctly the first time around – something which is essential in order to ensure that they are going to be working properly.

Here is a brief introduction to panic bars and the incredible benefits they have to offer.

Panic bars at a glance

There are different names for these components, though “panic bars” tends to be the most common. For your reference, panic bars may also be referred to as exit devices, push bars, or crash bars. As the most commonly used name suggests, these are horizontal, spring-loaded metal bars which are installed across the inner part of exit doors in commercial buildings. This mechanism means doors with panic bars installed will open outwards, rather than inwards. That is deliberate, as panic bars are especially designed to unlock doors during emergencies. When the horizontal bars are pushed, the door unlatches, allowing for fast and safe exits from the facilities they have been installed into.

Some panic bars may even have a vertical exit devices too, but that is an optional feature. In fact, depending on the type of security you are looking for, panic bars can be customized to include other security additions to complement them. Consult with a locksmith to find out more about different options.

Even if you have never come across the name, you will know a panic bar when you see it. You would have seen panic bars installed at facilities that accommodate a large number of people. For instance, some of the most common places where panic bars are installed in doors include corporate office buildings, restaurants, bars, schools, community centres, and public spaces.

Now that you understand what a panic bar is, take a look at why it is such an important component to a property.

Top reasons to get panic bars installed

Castle Rock, CO, business owners should consider getting panic bars so that they can enjoy these amazing benefits:

Increased Safety - Panic bars are designed to endure large influxes of people evacuating from a commercial building. The fact that you don’t have to keep turning a doorknob to open these doors, for instance, allows for a larger flow of people to quickly exit the premises.

Enhanced Protection – The mechanisms installed allow for doors to be locked from the inside, preventing unauthorized entry to your facilities

Guaranteed Effectiveness – Fun fact: in some places panic bars are mandatory by OSHA regulations. That should be enough of an indication that panic bars are effective mechanisms for the protection of your property, and the safety of the people inside it.

Large variety – They can be tailored to suit your property’s security needs. For instance, you can install alarms to go with them, cross bars, vertical exit devices, among other options.

Cost efficiency – Panic bars are very affordable to install, which is great if you need them for multiple doors. In fact, some commercial locksmiths may even offer discounted packages for business owners wanting more than one panic bar installed in their properties.

Can help reduce insurance costs – Remember, the better the security mechanisms you have in place, the less you have to pay for insurance. That is why properly installed panic bars can lead to a reduction in insurance premiums for property owners.

Ready to install your panic bars?

Get in touch with qualified locksmith. They will be able to help you select the best devices for your property, ensuring you are truly getting your money’s worth. In fact, a trustworthy locksmith business will offer consultations free of charge, so that you can make fully informed decisions about your security investments. There might be other solutions which would also be a good match for your property, and a lock and security professional will be able to point you in the right direction.

Remember, installations that are not done properly can hinder your commercial security. That is the top reason why we emphasize that panic bars should be installed by a licensed and insured professional. Not only are commercial locksmiths able to provide you with expert advice, they also know exactly how to install components safely and correctly. They will have all the tools, parts, and training to ensure that the panic bar installations will actually protect your building.

Locksmith assistance from 24/7 Castle Rock Locksmith is a service that all local business owners will be able to afford, with the most reliable professionals offering full price quotes at no cost prior to you hiring them. You should expect full peace of mind and durable security from local locksmith services.

See for yourself – get in touch with a Castle Rock, CO, lock and key expert to find out more about the type of protection that they can offer.