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How You Can Avoid Being Burglarized When Traveling

During the holidays, crime increases. This can be for a serious problem no matter where you live. If you do not wish to have your belongings taken, you’ll have to think seriously about the measures you take to ensure that your things are not stolen. At 24/7 Castle Rock Locksmith in Castel Rock, CO, we receive tons of service calls about home invasions or attempted break ins during the holidays and when people are less likely to be at home. If you’re traveling for the holidays or if you’re just traveling any other time of the year, you should take every precaution you can to make sure your valuables are not taken from you. Since a criminal burglar is always on the lookout for homes where there is no one home, you should be careful and take the following precautions.

Evaluate Your Existing Security Features

Allow a professional locksmith professional the opportunity to evaluate every inch of your home to determine if you have sufficient security to keep out a burglar. Just because they may attempt to break-in doesn’t mean that you should allow them to get in. Don’t give a burglar the chance to get to the things you’ve worked so hard for by skimping on your homes security. If it is important to you, it is a good idea to invest in quality locks and a security alarm. If it’s worth protecting, it’s worth investing in the right tools to keep it. A professional locksmith will evaluate the grade locks that you have and if they need to be updated or improved. They know the ones that work best and are able to advise of this if given the opportunity to do so.

Invest in a Good, Solid Safe

If someone is able to get inside your home, it doesn’t mean that they should be able to get off with your most valuable assets. If you have a home safe, this will allow you to keep them safe. Safes are also a great place to store important paperwork in case someone comes in and begins destroying things that would leave evidence of who they are. A qualified locksmith is also capable of advising you of the types of home safes that are used most often and the ones that offer maximum security.

Avoid Social Media

We definitely are not saying that you should avoid reading social media, we are simply saying that it is best if you avoid posting any of your vacation or holiday plans online, especially your plans of being away from home. All that an intruder needs to know is that there will not be anyone there to stop him from taking your valuables.

It would also be a bad idea to post the things that you’ve received for Christmas as this could be a welcome invitation for someone to come and take them when you’re not home.

Get A Security System

You can no longer use the excuse that you cannot afford to have a security system installed because there are simply far too many to choose from at various prices to go without one. You can choose from the most basic security alarm to a more advanced security system with a surveillance camera. Even with the most basic security system, you can keep out a would-be intruder. All they need to see is that your home or business has some sort of security system. They wouldn’t want anyone to find out about them and if they think an alarm will sound the moment they attempt to break-in, they might be less likely to try to get inside. Some people find it helpful to have signage posted prominently so that if someone wants to break-in, they might see the sign and immediately change their mind.

Give The Appearance of Someone Being There

If it appears as though someone is home, you minimize your chances of someone breaking-in. You can make it appear as though someone is home by leaving a car parked out front, leaving some lights on to give a burglar the idea that someone might be home, have someone housesit while you are away, never let mail pile up and have packages picked up by someone. All of these things are sure to make others think that someone is home.

Look Up All Doors & Windows

You’re probably laughing thinking how silly this must sound. The truth of the matter is that there are often windows and doors not locked when families are away for the holiday. We often find that the sliding glass door and the garage door are often the doors that homeowners and others forget to lock. Be aware of these doors and any other exterior doors that could give someone access into your home when you are locking up.

Keep the Exterior Well Lit

If you want to avoid having someone gain access inside your home, make sure that if they try, everyone can see them. Get exterior lights installed and make sure they are turned on if you plan on being away from home for a few days. The one thing that a burglar cannot afford to do is get caught. Surely, having your property well lit will be a deterrent for any intruder. You don’t need to have a ton of lights around your house, just a few placed in the areas of your home that might be most susceptible to a home invasion should have lights around them.

It is clear that there is lot you can do to ensure that your home is not broken into or that your most valuable belonging are not taken, even if someone should happen to get inside. Get the help of reliable and reputable locksmith service to help you better secure your home before leaving for the holiday or on an extended vacation. You’ll be glad that you thought ahead in order to protect your home and the things in it.