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Lock And Key Types

Something we use every day, and take for granted much of the time are locks and keys. We often take them for granted because we’ve been using them since we can remember; in fact, humans have been locking items since ancient Sumer and Egypt! Even King Tut’s tomb, which was found mainly intact, was sealed with an unbroken lock still on it after thousands of years! Keep reading our 24/7 Castle Rock Locksmith post to see many of the different locks, keys and locking mechanisms that we still use today to keep us and our valuables safer and better protected.

Some Common Key Types Used Today

Tubular Keys – these are used when opening tubular pin locks. You’ll know when you see these unusual looking keys as they look so different from “regular” keys. They are shorter, hollow and cylindrical. You find them used in file cabinets, bicycle locks, laptop security cables, laundromat washers and dryers, and in smaller, portable locking boxes. They are available in 4 and 8 pin models and are not easy to duplicate.

Pin Tumbler Keys – these are the most common keys used today and the ones people think of when the word “key” is mentioned. One end of the key is larger and used for gripping. The other part is the “blade” of the key where the grooves are found. It is these grooves that slide into the lock and cause it to open. This is done when the teeth and notches on the key blade make the pins move up and down allowing the lock to open. These keys are very easy to cut and duplicate. In fact, most all Castle Rock, CO locksmith shops offer this service along with home improvement, lumber and convenience stores and mail centers.

Car Keys - If you are old enough to read this post, you know what a car key is and looks like. They open and lock car doors, trunks, glove boxes, and start ignitions. Most key cutting places and Castle Rock, CO lock and key shops can make car keys to use with most every make and model of vehicle. Valet car keys are available for some cars. These specialty keys open the driver’s side door and can start the ignition. They can’t open the trunk or access the glove compartment where many people keep important driving documents like insurance papers, registration, maintenance papers, etc.

Transponder Keys – Here at 24/7 Castle Rock Locksmith we do a brisk business programming and duplicating transponder keys. These are also car keys but are more specialized in that they have a chip embedded in the key handle or head. When these transponder keys are inserted in the car’s ignition switch and turned, the chip sends a signal to the car’s engine computer and if that signal is recognized, the car starts. If the wrong key is used, the ignition will not turn over. Most late model cars on the road today use transponder chip keys as they are a huge theft deterrent as they are very difficult and expensive to copy. Transponder keys are big money makers for car dealers as they charge big fees to replace them or to program one if they chip has fallen out or become lost. Since the car won’t start, the vehicle must be towed in to the dealership and a tow fee is incurred. Would you like to know a fast and easy way to bypass all that? Here it is; call a licensed, bonded and insured automotive locksmith! In Castle Rock, CO just call our shop and one of our 24/7 Castle Rock Locksmith experts will come out to your location and render affordable and professional transponder key service!

Keyless entry – Just like the name implies, you don’t need a key! What takes its place? A simple keypad or a remote control device! Many people are familiar with keyless entry systems on cars. You simply enter a number sequence or push your remote and your door opens and the car starts. Keyless entry has its drawbacks and benefits. On the plus side, there are no keys to break or to lose. Just don’t forget your key code or lose your remote! Like anything else new, keyless entry has its fans and detractors. Not only cars make use of this form of lock hardware. Keyless entry is also used in offices, high rise condos, hospitals, government locations, institutional buildings and many other places.

Magnetic Keys – these handy keys look a lot like credit cards. They make use of a magnetic strip on one side of the card. This strip is encoded with a number or letter sequence which is read by the interior reader of the lock. If the code is recognized, the door opens. If not, an alarm will sound after too many attempts are made so that a would-be burglar or intruder can’t gain access. In many instances, magnetic keys provide double use as an employee badge. They are easy to pin on a clothing or to wear around the neck and are easy to cancel if access is to be denied as in the case of a former tenant or staff member.

Master Keys – Remember the custodian from your early school days and all the keys he had on him? You could hear him coming from far away! Master Keys can do away with all that! They do this by using one key for many locks. This is perfect for janitors, property managers, administrative staff, and for apartment building owners. One key could fit all the front doors, another for storage closets, one for public bathrooms, etc.

There are many other types of keys and locking mechanisms but these are some of the main ones. We invite you to call 24/7 Castle Rock Locksmith with any questions or price inquiries you may have. We offer fully certified, mobile technicians that are experienced, highly skilled and ready to help you with ANY locks, keys or locksmith issues you may have.