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Homeowners Should Have A Deadbolt; Here's Why!

Does your Castle Rock, CO home have a sturdy deadbolt installed on the front door? It should! These simple locks can make a huge difference in your home security and safety. They are not expensive, are easily and quickly installed and they provide real time protection as well as peace of mind to homeowners all over town.

Are you looking to save money and still get real value from your door locks? If so, strongly consider having a deadbolt installed at your earliest convenience. Many residential locksmith shops here in Castle Rock, CO offer this service and you can even do the work yourself if you are handy with tools and have the time. Another option is to simply call our shop here at 24/7 Castle Rock Locksmith. We offer this service along with free consultations to make sure that you get the best deadbolt(s) for the money and for your residential security needs.

But I Already Have A Door Lock!

Your deadbolt doesn’t replace your door lock; it enhances it! Let us explain. A well installed deadbolt adds a strong second line of defense to your home security arsenal. It not only can frustrate a potential burglar (they just picked your lock and now this!), it also buys you valuable time that can be used to call for help, arm yourself or alert others. A deadbolt addition compliments your front or back door lock; it doesn’t replace it. One of the many reasons to work with our 24/7 Castle Rock Locksmith experts is to get one of our popular free consultations where we can point out additional benefits from having a correctly installed residential deadbolt on your home door.

Kinds Of Deadbolts

All deadbolts are not alike! There are several different kinds and all have different characteristics that may or may not warrant your interest. Single cylinder deadbolt locks are the standard ones you see. They can be accessed from the outside by a key and from the inside by a small knob. These are not recommended for doors that have a glass window nearby. All a crook has to do is smash the glass and reach inside and turn the knob and the deadbolt will easily open. Double cylinder deadbolts need a key to access them from either side. Do you have a glass window nearby? No problem; a burglar shattering the glass will still not be able to get past the deadbolt because an actual key is needed as there is no knob to turn. One drawback though; during an emergency situation you will need to have that key handy! One great way to use deadbolt technology is to install a Keyless cylinder deadbolt. These don’t use a key at all and instead use a fingerprint scan or a password code to access. Not all locksmith shops in Castle Rock CO offer these but some simple phone calls to various lock and key places will turn up some. Of course you can call 24/7 Castle Rock Locksmith and we’ll be glad to help!

More Benefits From Having A Deadbolt

Having a front or back door deadbolt offers an affordable way to add convenient security to your home life. Installing them is easy and using them is even easier. All of the most successful lock manufacturing companies offer various models of residential deadbolts so it’s easy to find the model that is perfect for your budget and home security needs.

Durability is another benefit from having a deadbolt. They are impervious to crowbars, hammers, knives and hairpins. Sure, they can be picked open but not easily, and when combined with an additional door lock they provide you with both added protection and valuable time for setting off your alarm or calling for help.

While most common door locks are made of tin or even plastic and are usually hollow, a good deadbolt is made of steel and built to be both durable and sturdy. Burglars know this and will not waste valuable time trying to bypass both your door lock AND your deadbolt. They risk sounding an alarm, getting confronted by a possibly armed homeowner or being filmed by a CCTV surveillance system activated by movement.


Like any DIY (do it yourself) job, it must be done right to be effective. The same goes for deadbolt installation. You get none of the above mentioned benefits of having a strong residential deadbolt if it is the wrong size or strength for your door or if it is not installed correctly. Usually people attempt project on their own to save time or money. By using the right locksmith in Castle Rock, CO you can do just that. You don’t have to overspend or be inconvenienced just to have a good deadbolt added to your door(s); just use an established and experienced residential locksmith.

It’s actually easy to bypass a poorly installed deadbolt. Movies and television constantly show scenes of law enforcement officers kicking in doors to get to a crook or to a victim. They make it look easy and it actually is when cheap locks or poorly installed hardware is involved. A reliable deadbolt should fully extend into the opening and be correctly fitted in order to not jiggle loose. For many of our customers here at 24/7 Castle Rock Locksmith having this done is too big a risk to leave to amateurs. Most handymen boast the ability to install locks but do you really want to risk your home security in order to possibly save a few dollars?

Using an experienced and affordable locksmith in Castle Rock, CO can save you those same dollars and still ensure that the deadbolt selection AND installation was done right. We invite you to call our 24/7 Castle Rock Locksmith shop and get some free price quotes and additional details on our high quality, affordably priced residential deadbolt service. Installation times are based on your convenience and we also cheerfully provide 24/7 emergency help!